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Default Can't Import to TSR Workshop Due to Wrong Vertex Count
Hi. I'm sure this question's been asked before but what I found were posts that were several years old.

I have a dress that I'm trying to import to TSR Workshop and I keep getting a message that says the thin group has 422 vertices and it expects 427. So, I imported my mesh back into Blender (which is what I've been using), added five vertices so the vertex count was 427, imported it into Milkshape so I can assign the joints, exported my mesh (all five groups, of course) as a .wso file, then when I tried to import it, I got the same message! Somehow, Milkshape ate five vertices. How can I maintain the vertex count from Blender to Milkshape to TSR Workshop? Any help would be appreciated. I've been at this for hours and hours.
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