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Default Twisted Cinderella challenge
This is based off HeyIt'sEmily's challenge remade to fit the sims 4

Here's the backstory she made: On the night of the ball Cinderella's fairy godmother failed to show. Cindy didn't make it to the ball and as she continued to slave away, her heart turned black. She became mean spirited and hungry for revenge. Meanwhile her stepmother remarried a good natured man, who greatly influenced the evil woman and cleansed her soul of the dark forever. But the stepmother was embarrassed about her first marriage and her actions toward Cinderella so she instructed Cindy to stay out of sight, locked away in the attic forever. She didn't want her new husband to ever hear of Cinderella in case it would drive him away. The two step sisters were also influenced by their new father, although not as much as their mother. They each found themselves boyfriends who were sweet and kind. Neither of their new partners heard of Cinderella either.
So Cinderella was left to her own thoughts in the attic and spent her time scheming. Her soul was now as black as her stepmothers once was as she plotted her revenge.

Aim break up all couples and kill everyone in the house

Cinderella's traits must be gloomy evil and romantic she must be a young adult

Stepmother traits good hates children and friendly

Stepmother's husband good clean friendly

Stepsisters traits friendly snob and slob

Stepsister's boyfriends traits are friendly good lazy

The house must be big with expensive furniture and must have the following-
- An attic for Cinderella-must have cheap furniture. Remember to include a fridge and an oven as she's not allowed out of the attic when her stepmother and stepsisters are in the house. Also add a small room in the attic for the torchure chamber.
- 3 bedrooms, 1 for the stepmother and husband and 1 for each of the stepsisters and they're husbands.
- Kitchen
- Living room

- You can only control Cindy- you are not allowed to click on anyone else unless it is to cook food or clean the house (for this you must use one of the males)
- Before you start you must use a cheat and set Cindy's relationships with the stepmother and stepsisters to full red
- Stepmother and stepsisters must have jobs
- Cindy can only leave her attic when stepmother and stepsisters are out of the house
- Cindy must firstly break up the stepsisters relationships first and then the stepmother. This is where romantic trait kicks in she can convince the boys to break up with their spouses.Then she can start to kill off people. She can do this by putting in a hidden torture chamber in the attic and starving them to death. To lead them to the small room create a group with one person then lock them in your torchure chamber.

You've won the challenge when you've broken up all the couples and killed off everyone in the house
You've lost if you get caught trying to break up the couples in front of the stepmother or the Stepsisters.

This is my first sims challenge so please give me some feedback and tell me want you think!
Test Subject
#2 Old 25th Jul 2016 at 12:07 PM
Started this yesterday, Cinderella has already killed off two out of the three husbands, Though the Stepmothers own Husband seems to be a bit harder to woo, this has been super fun though and totally recommend it to other challenge players.
Test Subject
#3 Old 2nd Aug 2016 at 12:35 AM
Haha, I absolutely love this. I'll have to do this after I'm done with the Cult or Commune and Legacy challenges :D
Test Subject
#4 Old 28th Nov 2017 at 1:23 PM
That moment when you're playing a challenge for the second time and one of the boyfriends dies in a fire even though you broke the rules and chose one of the others to try and extinguish it... Guess that's made it easier... oops.
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