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Default Homeless Business Challenge
I've been playing a lot of TS2 lately and I thought it'd be fun to make a little OFB Challenge. So...Here we go!

Goal: Have a 5 Star business and have made at least 1mil simoleons. Complete your aspirations and if applicable, find love~~

General Rules: No mods, no cheats (except family funds at the start, and optionally turning off aging,) and have fun.

House/Business rules:
No buying anything until you hit 20k simoleons (except the starting items,) and then once you do, you can only buy stuff for personal use, not for selling, although you can buy things like a pottery wheel to make things for selling! This is also when you can build an indoor business as well. When you hit a 4 star business, you may buy things to sell.

Start out with either a single sim or a couple, up to you.
Single: Fortune Aspiration, Turn off is unemployed. From there, anything goes.
Couple: One Fortune, one Popularity. From there, anything goes.

Move into any sized empty lot and first build a single wall and a toilet and have them both go, I'm nice like that and I know that and hunger typically start out a bit lower need wise than everything else. Then sell the toilet (Not the wall) and buy a single cabinet of any kind, either one of cash registers, an open/close sign, a tent (Or a park bench if you don't have BV expansion) and a wall phone. You can also wallpaper the wall if you wish to spruce up what you got.

This is where the fun begins, reduce your funds to nothing.

No getting a job, that defeats the whole purpose of the challenge!

Start a business and then start digging, fishing in the park, whatever means you have for items; You're not allowed to buy anything from the buy mode for now. You can use public areas and freely travel to them to meet your needs, my only rule is that you can't use a stove/fridge placed in one (Exception is in the cooking hobby area, which by then you probably have a stove. But if you work around that, you can use it earlier than that~ )

If you're a single sim, you can start to mingle for relationships, BUT you can't move them in until you have at least a 3 star business or higher AND a house. After that, you can move them in, and if they're working they can continue to do so to bring in income.

If you have a sim with a career aspiration, you can complete said career goal AFTER you hit the 5 star business, regardless if you've earned the simoleon count or not.

You can add and fire employees at any time, but they can't make any items for selling until you hit 4 stars.

This is just a small simple challenge, so after you hit the goal it's sandbox from there. Hope you enjoy!
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