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Default Elder Heiress Mama
This is inspired by the Toddler Mania and A-Z Baby Challenges, and also the Independent Kids Challenge. You don't have to have a same day adoption hack or a big families hack, but those are helpful.

Your sim has lived all her life under the thumb of a controlling father or brother, and now, finally, her family is gone and she can use her trust fund the way she wants to. And what she wants are the babies she never got to have, because her father and brother thought her suitors weren't appropriate husband material!

Create an elder female family sim in CAS. (Male doesn't work to my mind, because he could always marry an adult as an elder, but if that works for you, go right ahead.) The number of days she gets is random, per my testing. It's worth checking what she got (boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, shift click on the lotsynctimer is one way) so you can plan accordingly.

She'll start with $20,000, give her an additional $200,000 in funds, so she can have a nice mansion. The goal is to adopt and raise as many babies as she can, preferably a whole 26 of them, before she dies of old age.

She may hire all the help she can afford, but keep in mind her children may need round the clock nannies after she passes away. She may not have a job: she's focusing on her children. She may only adopt babies: she wants to raise them right from the start. She may not move other sims into the household.

You may send a teen to college only when you have seven days left on the teen life stage (based off of inteen) simply so you have to keep them around for a while, but can't keep them to train toddlers forever! If they don't go at seven days left, then they don't get to go at all.

You may use whatever Aspiration Rewards Mama or children earn, except for Elixir of Life. You may use a hack to grow up babies at the point at which you may grow them up with a birthday cake, because all the extra fly-spawning cake personally drives me nuts.

Move her in, call social services, and adopt a baby, and another, and another! When Mama dies, her loving children must keep her grave on the lot until the youngest leaves for college. They wouldn't want Mama to be lonely in the graveyard after all she's done for them!

+1 for each baby adopted
+1 for each child Mama becomes friends with.
+1 for each child Mama becomes best friends with.
+1 for each child Mama becomes best friends forever with.
+1 for each toddler skill taught for up to four points per child.
+1 for each child taught to do homework.
+1 for each child who becomes best friends forever with another child
+1 for each child who becomes enemies with another child
+1 for each child who goes to college
+1 for each college scholarship
+1 for each first kiss
+20 points if your sim fulfills (whether or not she actually rolled it) the have ten babies want.
+50 points if she adopts a full alphabet of children, 26, named from A-Z.

You fail if Social Services takes any children away at any life stage, whether or not your elder is still alive.

(Consider solar panels, private school, and influencing friends as ways to make life easier!)

If you want to use hacks and modded objects that make it easier to take care of little sims, I don't mind, but do share what you're using with us. If you feel they're inappropriate, that's up to you.
If you want to use ACR and Inteen, that's also up to you. If you want to use more expensive service sims, good luck!

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
"English is a marvelous edged weapon if you know how to wield it." C.J. Cherryh
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Reina, my third try founder, lived eighteen days as an elder. She adopted 21 babies. 13 were BFF, 1 BF, and 1 F. So far one toddler missed a skill--the nursery rhyme: the teen I thought was teaching it wandered off without finishing the job. Reina left roughly $160,000 in life insurance to her children, Grim had trouble getting to her--she was teaching Ocean to study--but she died in platinum aspiration.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
"English is a marvelous edged weapon if you know how to wield it." C.J. Cherryh
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